Safety of children in a convertible

The safety of children in convertibles is a key issue that requires special attention and adherence to certain rules. Not all of us realize the

Impregnation of convertible roofs

That waterproofing the roof on a convertible is an important task to protect the vehicle from adverse weather conditions and prolong its life, all lovers

Fabulous Provence in September 2024

Provence is a region in southeastern France that has inspired many an artist and poet to create timeless masterpieces. Renoir, Van Gogh, Matisse created here.

Tastes of Istria in a convertible

The cuisine of Istria is a fascinating blend of flavors, aromas and traditions that reflects the turbulent history of the region and the influence of

Why buy a convertible!

Driving a Cabriolet, or a car with an opening roof, or “roofless” if you prefer, can provide a lot of pleasure and benefits, both aesthetically