Our Life style is a convertible!

We value freedom, including the freedom of choices!

We like great food, so as befits "locavore patriots" we often visit restaurants and other places where you can eat well.

We choose convertible-lover friendly places.

It is in the DNA of every convertible owner to travel

That's why we do our best to make the list of places to see in a convertible complete and helpful.

I know how important the convenience and comfort of travel is to you, hence if a Resort or Hotel is on our list, that is, it is worth it.

We only write about the places we visited!

Accessories, gadgets, jewelry

In a word, everything that "turns" not only gentlemen, and makes you feel even more attractive in a convertible.

Here you can find the jacket of your dreams for your convertible, read about watch brands that are worth having no matter the season, and learn what not to wear when driving a convertible!

Take a journey with a subjective guide to the lives of #self-positivepeople