Wonderful Istria, the best alternative for a May trip…. in a convertible

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September 4, 2023r.

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Traveling around the Istrian peninsula in a convertible is an excellent way to explore this picturesque region. Istria, with its rich history, beautiful views, charming towns and diverse landscape, provides the perfect backdrop for convertible driving and we plan to visit it again, this time in May 2024 ork. Here are some reasons why you should go with us to Istria in a convertible:

  1. Driving pleasure: Cabriolets are known for giving a lot of driving pleasure. The open roof allows you to feel the wind in your hair, the sunshine on your skin and the aroma of the sea and nature…. mua!

  2. Beautiful views: Istria has a variety of landscapes, from picturesque coastlines to green hills and mountains. The Cabriolet allows you to enjoy spectacular views in all their glory.

  3. Mediterranean climate: Istria has a warm Mediterranean climate that is perfect for convertible driving. You can enjoy the sun and warmth during your trip.

  4. Access to beaches: Istria has many beautiful beaches, and a cabriolet will allow you to reach these hidden seaside paradises with ease. Just lower the roof and immediately be close to the sea.

  5. Picturesque towns: Istria is filled with charming towns such as Rovinj, Motovun, Hum and Poreč. The Cabriolet will allow you to visit these places in style, as well as park and enjoy strolling the narrow Istrian streets.

  6. Past and history: Istria has a rich history, including many remains from Roman times. The convertible will allow you to visit historical sites, such as the amphitheater in Pula, in a unique way.

  7. Culinary experience: Istria is famous for its exceptional cuisine, and driving a convertible will allow you to visit local restaurants and taste fresh seafood, olive oil and many other delicacies.

  8. Serpentines: Istria is crisscrossed by numerous winding mountain roads that are a real pleasure to traverse in a Cabriolet. This is a great opportunity to drive and enjoy the scenery.

  9. Sensation and Adventure: Driving a Cabriolet around Istria is not just a journey, it’s a real adventure and the excitement of discovering this charming region.

All in all, Istria is worth visiting by Cabriolet to enjoy not only the beautiful sights and driving pleasure, but also to experience its culture, history and cuisine in a unique way. This is an unforgettable journey that will allow you to appreciate all the charms of the region. This is our fifth May trip to Istria.

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