Fabulous Provence in September 2024

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September 5, 2023r.

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Provence is a region in southeastern France that has inspired many an artist and poet to create timeless masterpieces. Renoir, Van Gogh, Matisse created here. Tourists come here to see the colorful, mosaic nature and ancient architecture. We are going to take you on a week-long journey through this beautiful region with the hope that this trip will remain unforgettable, like many previous ones organized by Wataha CABRIO POLAND!

Visiting Provence is a unique adventure of discovering extraordinary attractions and experiences. We have compiled for you some reasons why you should visit this charming region in a convertible:

  1. Nature and landscapes: Provence offers a remarkable variety of landscapes. From the Mediterranean coast to picturesque lavender fields, vineyards and the high coastal Alps, there is something for everyone. The mountains and forests invite hiking, and the coastal beaches invite relaxation.

  2. History and culture: Provence has a rich history and culture. Numerous medieval towns, castles and churches bear witness to the region’s long past. Cities such as Avignon, Arles and Avignon are true cultural treasures, with numerous festivals, fairs and exhibitions providing an unforgettable cultural experience.

  3. Cuisine: Provençal cuisine is a true feast for the palate. You can try regional specialties such as bouillabaisse (fish soup), ratatouille (a vegetable dish) and socca (chickpea pancakes). Wine is also an important part of Provençal culture, so be sure to try the local wines.

  4. Art and literature: Provence has been a place of inspiration for many artists and writers, such as Vincent van Gogh, Paul Cézanne and Marcel Pagnol. You can visit the places that were the source of their inspiration and learn about their works in museums and galleries.

  5. Climate: The climate of Provence is one of the most favorable in Europe. Long, warm summers make the region an ideal place for vacationing and outdoor sports most of the year.

  6. Traditions and festivals: Provence is a region full of traditions and festivals. Visiting it at different times of the year, you can attend carnivals, wine festivals, Christmas markets and many other events that will introduce you to the local culture.

  7. Relaxation and tranquility: Despite its many tourist attractions, Provence also offers quiet corners where you can relax and unwind from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Nature and tranquil villages allow for a break from stress and tranquility.

We have no doubt that Provence is the most charming part of southern France, known for its beautiful landscapes, culture and cuisine. Traveling there in a convertible, you can really enjoy the beauty of the area and the pleasure of driving. Here are some places to visit in Provence:

Aix-en-Provence: this charming city is famous for its beautiful squares, fountains and ancient streets. You can spend time strolling through the historic center of the city and enjoy local specialties at one of the many restaurants.

Gorges du Verdon: These picturesque gorges are the perfect place to drive a convertible. You can drive along the cliffs and enjoy the beautiful views of the turquoise water of the Verdon River.

Lavender Fields: If you travel to Provence during the summer season, be sure to visit the lavender fields. These violet landscapes are unforgettable, and the scent of lavender wafting through the air is magical.

Avignon: Known for its massive papal palace, Avignon is a place rich in history and culture. A convertible ride around the city walls can be extremely enjoyable.

Saint-Tropez: If you’re in the mood for a little luxury, visit this famous seaside resort. It is a mecca for lovers of beaches, yachts and exclusive stores.

Vaucluse: This province of Provence offers picturesque landscapes with vineyards, olive groves and hills. It’s the perfect place for a long cabriolet ride, where you can stop at vineyards and taste local wines.

Les Baux-de-Provence: This is a charming village in the Alpilles mountains with a beautiful castle on top of a rock. From here you can enjoy a magnificent view of the surrounding area.

Roussillon: This town is known for the unique red hues of its buildings and surrounding hills. It’s a great place for walking and photography.

Gordes: Gordes is one of the most beautiful villages in France, located on a hilltop. It is worth visiting for its charming stone houses and stunning views.

Camargue: If you’re a nature lover, head to this area, known for its white horses, flamingos and lagoons. By cabriolet you can enjoy the wildlife and unique landscape.

Visiting Provence is a unique opportunity to combine nature, culture, history and delicious cuisine in one place. Whether you are interested in art, nature or culinary, Provence has much to offer and is sure to leave an unforgettable impression. Then what? Have we convinced you, to travel with CABRIO POLAND to Provence! You can find more information on our pages under the events tab! As of September 10, 2023! Welcome to fabulous Provence.

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