Dalmatia, a land of beautiful contrasts

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September 5, 2023r.

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Here is a short guide to Dalmatia, a fascinating region of Croatia which we have prepared for you, even before we reveal the itinerary of our Dalmatia trip in May. We can already guarantee that the places we have chosen for the occasion will surprise even the most picky “roofless” travelers. Dalmatia is a unique region that impresses with its diverse landscapes, rich history and unforgettable attractions. Located in the south of Croatia, Dalmatia is a place that combines the Adriatic sea with mountainous massifs to create a magical combination. Here’s what to know and where to go to experience Dalmatia to the fullest.

Dubrovnik – Pearl of the Adriatic. Begin your journey in Dubrovnik, a remarkable example of a city with a rich history and preserved cultural heritage. A walk along the city walls, which offer a spectacular view of the Adriatic Sea, is an unforgettable experience. Don’t forget to visit the old town and St. Peter’s Cathedral. Blasius.

Split – City of Diocletian’s Palace. Then head to Split, where history interacts with modernity. Diocletian’s Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the center of the city. Search its nooks and crannies, visit St. Peter’s Cathedral. Duje and enjoy the charms of the streets.

Zadar – City of Unusual Attractions. Zadar is home to unusual attractions, such as the Sea Organ and the Sun Panel, which are excellent examples of innovation in art and technology. Also visit historic sites such as St. Peter’s Cathedral. Anastasia and the Roman Forum.

Hvar Island – the Jewel of the Adriatic. The island of Hvar is considered one of the most beautiful jewels in the Adriatic Sea. Its charm is a combination of beautiful beaches, the picturesque town of Hvar and breathtaking scenery. Try local wines and olives.

Krka National Park – Majestic Waterfalls. Krka is a place where nature displays its beauty through impressive waterfalls. Here it is worth going for walks amidst picturesque landscapes and swimming in the rivers.

Trogir – UNESCO Listed Castle. Trogir is another city listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Stroll through its narrow streets, visit St. Peter’s Cathedral. Take a tour of the St. Lawrence River and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the historic city.

Kornati Islands – A Sailor’s Paradise. The Kornati Islands are an archipelago that consists of 89 islands and islets, offering a paradise for sailors and wildlife lovers. Their unique landscape is breathtaking.

Paklenica National Park – For Mountain Lovers. Paklenica is a paradise for mountain hikers and climbers. This place offers spectacular gorges and massive cliffs that attract adventure enthusiasts.

Beaches of the Makarska Riviera – Beauty of the Seaside. The Makarska Riviera is where Dalmatia is famous for its beautiful beaches, but also for its charming towns.

Next year’s trip to Dalmatia is the result of our several years of searching for unique places worth exploring; it includes trips to vineyards, visits to country inns, restaurants where chefs don’t make the front pages of newspapers, and meeting interesting people, of which Croatia has no shortage. We deliberately do not reveal the route of our expedition…. you will find out more info soon, on our in the events tab! PS. And we will write about the vineyards in Dalmatia soon! Stay tuned!

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