Hungary for a week – tasty and colorful

Hungary – in the heart of Europe, without capricious, unstable in feelings weather, with the largest lake in this part of the continent. Strong competition

8th International Festival CABRIO POLAND

The 8th International CABRIO FESTIVAL POLAND 2023 is the most important automotive event for convertible enthusiasts in Europe. Bringing together more than 15k Cabrio enthusiasts

Safety of children in a convertible

The safety of children in convertibles is a key issue that requires special attention and adherence to certain rules. Not all of us realize the

Impregnation of convertible roofs

That waterproofing the roof on a convertible is an important task to protect the vehicle from adverse weather conditions and prolong its life, all lovers

Fabulous Provence in September 2024

Provence is a region in southeastern France that has inspired many an artist and poet to create timeless masterpieces. Renoir, Van Gogh, Matisse created here.