Safety of children in a convertible

The safety of children in convertibles is a key issue that requires special attention and adherence to certain rules. Not all of us realize the

Impregnation of convertible roofs

That waterproofing the roof on a convertible is an important task to protect the vehicle from adverse weather conditions and prolong its life, all lovers

Why buy a convertible!

Driving a Cabriolet, or a car with an opening roof, or “roofless” if you prefer, can provide a lot of pleasure and benefits, both aesthetically

Time to hit the road.

Difficult times have come, but we are finally able to enjoy the beautiful weather and, as is always the case in our roofless houses every

With the New Year…

Yes, New Year, new resolutions.We all promise ourselves that from January we will start taking care of ourselves, start eating differently, exercise more, and places

Christmas is coming

Christmas is a wonderful time when we can slow down a bit and meet with those for whom we do not have time during the

Home preserves – health locked in a jar

Hello #samipositivepeople! “Convertible” has always been associated with me is associated with freedom, smiles and energy. I will be sharing it with you on the