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Redakcja Cabrio Magazyn
November 1, 2023r.

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That is, it has begun! We are starting recruitment in CABRIO POLAND! We have been working relentlessly for several months on plans for 2024/2025, and while we are far from building large teams, the situation presents us with a new challenge. We welcome on board people who love people. Those who wish to travel with us without a roof over their heads while meeting the goals of building our Partners’ portfolios. More information can be found below.

We reserve the right to respond to a select few, we do not require Bio’s or resumes. All you need is an email stating that you are ready to go. Please send applications to rekrutacja@cabriopoland.com


We are looking for people who love people, enjoy talking to people and spending time together while achieving common goals. If you feel that you could join our Wataha then right now is the opportunity, we are looking for min. 5 people;

Your responsibilities

  • Actively and effectively attract individual and corporate partners willing to support the Foundation’s activities.
  • Conducting meetings and discussions with the Foundation’s partners and maintaining long-term relationships with them
  • Effectively offer the Foundation’s partners our tailored collaboration proposals
  • Caring for the expansion and reliable service of its Partners’ portfolio

Our expectations

  • Entrepreneurship, commitment, perseverance and reliability
  • Communicative and people-oriented, working with us is about relationships, relationships, relationships
  • Interest in cooperating on a B2B contract
  • Ethical and honest approach to our partners whom we treat as good friends

Experience in sales and/or customer service is welcome.

What we can offer you as part of our cooperation!

Much MORE adventure and excitement – because if you love traveling, in addition without a roof over your head, we guarantee that you will visit with us the most beautiful places in Europe, meet interesting people and spend time with those for whom passion, has become the meaning of life.

Much MORE in your account – your sales commission has no upper limit with us and is as high as your commitment. We simply pay very well for your work. For the first year we will provide you with special conditions “to start” giving you a permanent very high commission on sales and a guarantee of cooperation with the Foundation.

A LOT MORE FLEXIBILITY – we have 17 events to offer to those who find potential in supporting initiatives like CABRIO POLAND and see room to grow their business through our events, giving you a large range of opportunities.

Much MORE solutions – we will support you with everything we know about organizing events, both intimate and large mass ones, we will train you with everything you will need to achieve our common goals. We will take care of you at every stage of your activities.

Many MORE opportunities – we offer them, and you choose which path you will take. You can be our salesman, but you can also build your own sales team and be promoted to Head of the Foundation’s Sales Team.

Much MORE than a team – in addition to good relationships, support, openness and help from experienced people from the Foundation, you will also be part of Wataha, the only Foundation that organizes the most energetic events for convertible enthusiasts in Europe.

Lots MORE of life – forget rigid frameworks, as you adjust your schedule to fit your private life. Not the other way around!

Much MORE convenient – we focus on flexibility and an open approach to cooperation. You work from where you want and how you want! For this, we have solutions that will support you in dealing with Foundation Partners.

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