The 9th International Festival CABRIO POLAND this time at LAKE HILL Resort & SPA

October 27, 2023r.

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You are cordially invited to participate in the 9th. International Festival CABRIO POLAND 2024! This event is the culmination of the passion and fascination of convertible lovers across the old continent. It brings together more than 15,000 convertible enthusiasts, regardless of origin, under one motto: “Many brands, one passion!”

9MFCP promises an unforgettable experience for all participants. Entertainment awaits our guests accompanied by live music and the skills of a DJ who will get your hearts beating to the beat of your favorite tunes. You will be able to travel rally without a roof over your head, taking full advantage of the wind in your hair. Chefs, on the other hand, will take care of your palate by serving exquisite dishes, and local winemakers will generously lavish you with wine tastings. It’s a real festival for the senses!

Our event, as every year, consists of two rally days and two themed evenings that will provide you with top-notch entertainment. To round things off, we have invited special guests to provide extra sparkle to the event.

The ninth unique edition of the CABRIO POLAND International Festival will be held from September 6 to 8, 2024 at the beautifully located LAKE HILL Resort & SPA. This place in itself is remarkable and picturesque, which will make participants and visitors experience unforgettable moments.

The date of the event was not chosen at random, which means you can expect even more unusual attractions and surprises. The organizers have prepared many special surprises for you to enjoy the September weekend in a unique way.

Nevertheless, due to logistical constraints, we are preparing the 9th. MFCP only for the first 150 teams. Therefore, we encourage you to quickly sign up for this extraordinary event, which is undoubtedly the most important opportunity for convertible enthusiasts in Europe.

We warmly invite you to attend the 9th. CABRIO POLAND 2024 International Festival. Join us to create unforgettable memories together and celebrate our passion for convertibles! More information on how to join us can be found in the events tab! You are welcome to #samipozytywniluds

Below are a few photos that will introduce the atmosphere of our event and introduce the place where the 9th event will be held. International Festival CABRIO POLAND 2024! Enjoy!

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