How to fly safely in a convertible – by sight!

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Redakcja Cabrio Magazyn
September 16, 2020r.

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Eyeglasses are one of the necessary items that every hair wind lover should have with them before any trip. Each? It turns out that they do.

It’s a common misconception that sunglasses are primarily necessary during the summer, but drivers are much more vulnerable to the sun’s blinding rays in winter and early spring. Because during these periods the road is usually wet and reflects light, scattering it in many directions. This consequently causes temporary blindness to the driver, which can become the cause (God forbid) of an accident or a bump. So even on a cloudy January Monday, it’s worth taking a pair of “oxfords” with you.

A responsible convertible driver is known to have his eyesight examined regularly, or at least once in a while. Time passes inexorably, and clarity and visual acuity drift away with it. Often it happens that we are not even aware of the deterioration of vision, or acquired diseases. Dusk blindness is one of the more dangerous ailments that can afflict a driver. It causes impaired vision after dark, which poses an exceptional danger to the driver, as well as to other road users. So let’s remember to go from time to time for this, perhaps not very pleasant and interesting, but nevertheless necessary, eye examination visit.

So how do you support your eyesight during your daily travels? Significance first for safe driving is the cleanliness of windshields and headlights. Neglecting the above leads to a significant hindrance while driving. Unfortunately, for all of you who don’t burn with great joy at the vision of cleaning and taking care of the cleanliness of your car, for the sake of safety, both your own and others’, you should “fly” the windows and lights, not even before every trip, but when it is necessary.

Dear convertible lovers, without further ado, take care of your eyesight and don’t make your life harder by driving a dirty car. Because it is, first of all, dangerous, and secondly, every convertible deserves to be clean.


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