CABRIO POLAND expeditions. We do it because we like to live

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Redakcja Cabrio Magazyn
November 26, 2021r.

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From day one, working on very different projects, we have fulfilled our guests’ dreams of traveling in an offbeat style, focusing on authentic experiences in a unique setting, going off the beaten track and expanding their collection of special memories. Traveling in a convertible fits perfectly with our mission. We like out-of-the-box expeditions and are glad that more and more people are leaning towards adventure together with Wataha. It’s true that in CABRIO POLAND it doesn’t matter whether they would like to go for a holiday on the Adriatic Sea, take a trip together on the Baltic Sea, or take a break from civilization in the Bieszczady Mountains admiring the starry sky, every reason and direction is good, and meeting the challenges is the essence of Wataha’s work!

We are inspired not only by our own travels and new experiences, but also by our guests who return to us with ever more daring ideas. They trust us and know that we will be able to make their dreams come true. We don’t ask why? We ask why not!

CABRIO POLAND expeditions

Being a team from the so-called. “different worlds” we guarantee our guests the quality of expeditions backed by experience, flexibility, incredible simplicity of the offer, and most of all to provide a unique experience, because the atmosphere on our expeditions, is unique. Every CABRIO POLAND Expedition read. Its program is prepared individually, and our guests, its participants, namely you, can be sure that we will take care of the smallest detail. We rest in unusual places, meet interesting people and sit at tables everywhere worth frequenting. At CABRIO POLAND, we guarantee unique memories!

Croatia, Romania, Hungary, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France or Scandinavia are just some of the destinations in which we feel like a fish in water, so we offer you during our expeditions the most unique attractions, unique places to visit and, of course, meetings with interesting people. We are well aware of how to organize thrilling dedicated trips for women and exciting expeditions in men’s style. What characterizes CABRIO POLAND Expeditions is a unique atmosphere, because we prefer to measure our travels in friendships made rather than in kilometers.

Dreamers without a roof over their heads

CABRIO POLAND’s Wataha is a mix of characters, temperament and experience. Each of us is different and has a different approach to life, but we all agree that what we do gives us pleasure, because it is pleasure that we do. Fulfilling dreams and discovering the charms of more places are of great value to us. We believe that there are still many interesting places to see and that, our passion for discovery will convince you to travel together, those without a roof over their heads.

So we invite you, to take part in our expeditions, you will ask why? Because we know how, because we love it, and we really enjoy living it! We’re glad you’re with us #samipozypositivepeople

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