CABRIO ADRIATICA, or May without a roof over your head!

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Redakcja Cabrio Magazyn
November 21, 2021r.

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In May, summer slowly begins in Croatia, it is pleasantly warm, but still without oppressive heat, so traveling without a roof over your head seems to be the best possible alternative then. Winding, beautifully scenic roads along the Adriatic Sea, idyllic villages, beautiful undiscovered castles and wonderfully sparkling blue water… Well, the water temperature fluctuates between 16-20 degrees (which is the temperature of the Baltic Sea in summer….), and the average, daily air temperature is 22 degrees, which clearly shows that it’s a little too early for beachcombing in May, although there are hot days when the beach begins to resemble the one in the peak summer season, but after all, we do not go there to beach?!

You will probably ask how to dress for a May trip to Croatia! We answer, at ease! Weather in May in Croatia can be capricious but without exaggeration. We follow the rule of taking half summer clothes and half warmer, long-sleeved clothes.

An undoubted advantage of going in May is the lack of crowds of tourists, which we so often complain about during the peak summer season. After all, we are able to take pictures of architectural monuments or nature in national parks. Reach with tranquility the places usually crowded by tourists, enjoy the wonderful Mediterranean cuisine and feel that unique climate that can keep us alive for a long time, even long after the season.

Prices for apartments and hotels in Croatia in early May are much lower than, for example, during the peak summer season. There is a real chance that by going with us on CABRIO ADRIATICA you will be resting in places that would be inaccessible in high season, moreover, half the price. We invite you, then, to a super energetic event under the sign of convertibles. An event dedicated to lovers of wind in their hair, to be held in Croatia! CABRIO ADRITAICA because it is about it, is almost 800 km in convertibles on routes full of picturesque views, are visits to unique places on the Adriatic Sea, meetings with extraordinary people and absolutely captivating Mediterranean cuisine!

Get your convertible ready for ferry rides, high-speed stretches and overnight flights! This will be the first event of its kind under the banner of CABRIO ADRIATICA. Never before, has there been such a party as during CABRIO ADRIATICA in 2022! We are already looking forward to it! Tickets are on sale now on 26.11.2022 in our warehouse.We start in picturesque Motovun and end in one of the most beautiful cities on earth, Dubrovnik.

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