Birthday party in a convertible! That is, the MAZURSKIE NIGHTS expedition with friends!

Picture of Redakcja Cabrio Magazyn
Redakcja Cabrio Magazyn
September 28, 2018r.

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Someone wrote in the comments about the MAZURSKIE NIGHTS expedition that I couldn’t think of a better birthday. Cabriolets and passionate people! After all, there is a reason why I wrote that I am fulfilling my dreams.
This time, we went to Warmia and Masuria, an expedition although checked three times, “walked” the length and breadth, it still brought many surprises and twists.


We arrived at the site the day before, or, in fact, the night before because getting to the Mazurian Mountains there was nothing to see anymore. Overnight this time was not a palace but rather an Agrotourism, we took a moment to confer and prepare for the second CABRIO POLAND expedition, the terrain for check-in wonderful, countryside, silence, animals and sky on the terrace almost like the Bieszczady Mountains. The morning, on the other hand, greeted us with such a sight that it was difficult for us to speak to each other, horses in the pasture in the rising fog…see for yourself, anyway. The place where we slept and which in the morning turned out to be a large Agro complex was WILLA MYCYNY.


GRUNWALDSKY FIELDS, because that’s exactly where our second expedition began, greeted us with sunshine. After a welcome glass of sparkling wine (the one without alcohol) and picking up our partners’ packages, we set out to explore.
While from the parking lot the view is, shall we say, satisfactory from the fields themselves, it is downright breathtaking. It allows you to imagine what happened in 1410 and shows the greatness of the place. After that, there was only more and more. NIDZICA Castle with its exceptional guide. There were also the ruins of the castle in SZCZYTNO, a herring along the route and our coveted overnight stay in the Mazurian Paradise. We ended the first evening at the RUCIANE NIDA Lakeside Tavern. We were visited there by the Crew of DR. BRYGA shanty until midnight with a pint of beer!


The morning greeted us with beautiful weather, and even though we knew it was about to pour, everyone took comfort in seeing the sun on the pier. A quick post-breakfast briefing and we were off and running for the MIKOS. There a moment for us, that is, shopping, boating in a word free time. The first surprise is the BOYEN TOWN whose managers did not inform us about the event being held there. So, without waiting, we quickly exchanged the Fortress for the PALACE IN NAKOMIADES and continued on our way. The MUSEUM in MAMERKI, the secrets of the Third Reich and a tour of the WILCAST accompanied by a regular downpour, severely exhausted our team. Therefore, we were happy to go to GALINA PALACE which was already waiting for us with a delicious dinner.


It is worth mentioning that this time, the pace of the expedition has strongly improved. There were no collisions or other road surprises and the team from the “BLACK BARCHETTA” received from us the working title of INDEPENDENTS:) Because, despite recent adventures, they arrived on our second trip and bravely participated in the expedition (did they like Nakomiads?:)


Two days full of excitement traditionally closed with the distribution of certificates, stamps in the passports of convertible enthusiasts and refreshments from our partners. It was all the more beautiful to do so when all around were views like from the movie NIGHTS AND DAYS! I will write a separate post about this place. It deserves top marks both the place and the staff who love what they do and surprised us all from arrival to the last moment. The whole team visited just the last point on our expedition map, the Castle in LIDZBARK WARMIŃSK. After that, we just shared coffee and returned to our duties.


Thank you on behalf of the entire CABRIO POLAND TEAM for a great trip see you next year!
More photos and information about the expedition can be found on our fanpage CABRIO MAGAZINE.
We also invite you, to the group CABRIO LOVERS by CABRIO POLAND on Facebook.


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