A convertible is not a cure for a mid-life crisis! A different perspective on the topic.

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Redakcja Cabrio Magazyn
July 11, 2018r.

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When I first heard from an angle behind my back the comment “oh look, in his old age he bought himself a convertible” I thought to myself, twenty years ago I had a convertible too, it’s not about me, what will I say there.

However, when the situation began to repeat itself, and several times the question was raised from the mouths of friendly “media” whether the “red Zetka” was sometimes a recipe for a mid-life crisis. I decided to check it out, i.e. ask my friends if I was the only one who perceived the purchase of my car differently. To my surprise, most who do not own a convertible responded that fulfilling childhood dreams is such a recipe for this crisis, and of course they understand…hahaha.


I always thought that KWS (such a nice diminutive) was a cluster of stereotypical beliefs about the behavior of guys in their 50’s, but it turns out that it’s not, because rather in their 40’s…. meaning what? Exactly how would that affect me? Acctually I matured faster? After all, guys usually, unlike women, mature by going the way around:)?! Noooo! There was something wrong with this topic. So I began to look further for answers ws. Convertible for KWS, although in the back of my mind I already had a ready-made one, I wanted to make sure. Guidebooks and specialized magazines are full of news about the changes that occur in the psyche of “normal guys” during this special period. Theoretically speaking, there is a feeling of emptiness, which, quote: “entails consequences for the environment”. The lost peasant changes to a better car, often more expensive and usually a convertible (red, of course), to make himself feel better. In such situations, he begins to pay stronger than usual attention to young ladies or the opposite sex…ta rarara stop! My heart beats harder as soon as I imagine these images.


Happily, we have lived to see times in which 20-year-olds in stretched T-shirts create projects for Silicon Valley companies, costing … sIX THOUSAND dollars a year each and arriving at office buildings on bicycles.$ a year and arriving at office buildings on bicycles, times when not one Start’up is worth more than 10 Ferrari Portofino (such an example) and their authors, wishing to remain anonymous, do not buy a convertible for their first paycheck, times when women are no longer treated so objectively, that they would only be a beautiful accessory to a convertible, because they are often the ones who decide to buy a convertible and by no means as passengers, and ending times where a convertible is no longer, as it was 20 years ago, an element of a certain status and thus an expensive toy dedicated to an older gentleman, remember that? It used to be a fat business, it was only old gentlemen:)

A cabriolet is ideal when you want to have a pleasant time, feel freedom and get away from everyday responsibilities for a while. The Cabriolet is a must for all those who love the wind in their hair and for whom the road is the goal. No division by gender, age or thickness of wallet.

So I’m tempted to theorize that with this KWS it’s another stereotype, a myth that needs to be debunked, because buying a convertible is a conscious decision to enjoy something that for a very long time has been for us a so-called “convertible”. “good out of reach” And it has nothing to do with the age of the buyer, thus cannot be a prescription or cure for a mid-life crisis.

If you have a different opinion, I invite you to discuss.

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