Young Wolf at the 4th International Cabrio Poland Festival 2019

During this year’s edition of CABRIO POLAND, our special guest will be Jarek Jakimowicz! This youngster has plans for you, lovers of the wind in your hair Believe us, it will be something! Under the wings of “Silent” primitives like us will finally learn something, maybe experience something amazing!

The World’s Best Leading Man

The best presenter in the world! A man with immeasurable layers of positive energy. For the fourth time Irek Bieleninik will lead the Festival CABRIO POLAND!With Irek we have already experienced more than one event together! Always smiling, full of energy and willingness to act 😀 In short, Irek perfectly hit the climate #samipozytywniludz!

Cooperation full of synergy

The CABRIO POLAND Foundation and GTM Start Gniezno have been working together since May 2016, the day the speedway club was founded. The activities undertaken