DEADLINE: 01/05/2023
– 07/05/2023
Istria is the northernmost peninsula of Croatia. On 540 kilometers of coastline you will find small bays and beautiful paradise beaches. The Blue Flag flies on many of them as a sign of particularly clean water. There are also several very popular seaside resorts. On the 10 most beautiful beaches of Istria you will find real gems. There aren’t many typical sandy beaches here, but the scenic pebble beaches really do have their advantages as well. In addition, the beaches of Istria are characterized by good infrastructure, a wide range of leisure activities … so many descriptions of which you will find hundreds in the media, but we will see much more! This one-of-a-kind “May trip” in Croatia is a trip in a convertible to places that will remain in your memory for a very long time, caves, grottoes, caves, castle ruins and which you will search in vain in guidebooks, because they are not typical attractions for visitors to this region of the Balkans. Great Istrian cuisine, excellent wine and captivating views just round out everything amazing about this trip. I am sure that the proposal to spend a week-long “May weekend” with us will be the reason for many of the most beautiful memories, not only in these long winter evenings!

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CABRIO ISTRIA expedition route

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Participation in the expedition of a two-person team with an overnight stay

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Participation in the expedition of a two-person team without accommodation

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Each team is given a Guide with information about the places we visit, customs, and rules at the sites we choose. A dictionary with mini phrasebooks, info on local delicacies and tips on how to get “handfuls” of Croatia when traveling in a convertible.

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